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Can you imagine a PS4 in Switch format? This concept shows us in video

PlayStation 4 is the most successful console in the market today and Nintendo Switch we can sell as the most promising, with a start in sales surprising for the dates in which it has appeared. Both have to coexist a long time.

It is clear that the philosophy of play is quite different: a clearly tabletop, another, a hybrid system that lets us play anywhere. Well, this statement can be made some appreciations, as Sony thought of Vita as a way to have the portable experience, but has not had the expected success. How about putting together different ideas?
That's what we bring you in this concept, a "Playstation Switch" conceived by Curved Germans , who will obviously never see the light as such, but that invites us to think about very interesting future possibilities. His final name is ' Sony Playman ' and looks like this:

Curved guys say they have been inspired by iconic designs from Sony itself, such as Walkman or Discman
Nintendo has proven that putting controls on a portable device screen, makes sense, has also proved it with games of maximum level and requirement, not titles developed to operate on a mobile.

Sony Playman is pretty much the same thing as a Switch. I explain, the concept is based on a screen to which we place two controls on each side - magnetically - and in which there is also a dock to place and display the contents on the TV. In fact even the controls can be joined by a complement.
If we think about possible competition, we have an empty head, as we do not believe that Sony and Microsoft will stop betting on its conventional format. Rather, we think that mobile device accessory makers, or a major manufacturer, decide to match their phones with something like that.


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