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Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are the new stars in a space race that is no longer led by space agencies but by billionaires whose ambition they want to try to take man to Mars.
Bill Gates believes that Musk and Bezos' space ambition does not help humanity
Some wonder if these projects are just fireworks, and among them is Bill Gates , who in a recent interview stated that while respecting these projects, he does not understand how they can directly contribute to the development of humanity.

Throwing rockets into the air is fun

For years the philanthropic efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have focused on problems we are experiencing today on our planet, while Musk or Bezos seem to be dedicated to solving problems of a future that may never occur.
That seems to be the reflection of Gates in his interview with Bloomberg. Asked about his views on these space exploration projects and their impact on our society, Microsoft’s co-founder was clear :
Each has its own priorities. When it comes to improving the state of humanity, I do not see [these projects] having a direct connection [to that goal]. I guess it’s fun, because you throw rockets into the air. But it will not be a segment in which I will invest.
Gates’s statements are unique, especially coming from someone who recently spoke of a project to put a network of satellites into orbit to freely offer images and data about what is happening on our planet . Those rockets from Musk and Bezos could come in handy for that kind of target, right, Mr Gates?
Via | Bloomberg
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