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That Xiaomi is a kind of Ikea to the beast and Eastern is increasingly clear. After a few months in the market, the Japanese toilet version of Xiaomi has a little brother who puts the focus on its price and some very unique features. Habemus Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat from Xiaomi .

The new toilet bowl of Xiaomi is cheaper, has Wifi and is able to recognize you

A Japanese toilet at a reduced price

The fact that the world of Japanese toilets is fascinating, Xiaomi reinforces its catalog of unique products with a cheaper version of the advanced toilet presented at the end of last year. The new model , called Smartmi Small Smart Toilet Seat can be purchased from $ 189

As a Japanese toilet , this Xiaomi model allows to regulate the temperature of the water jets, which is reached automatically thanks to the materials used in its construction, which are also anti-bacterial. It does so with three different temperatures which can be customized manually or letting the toilet itself recognize us by the way we sit on it. The temperature of the surface and the pressure of the water jet will also be adjusted with the sensor data .

This is how Xiaomi toilet works

With Wifi and recognition of who sits on it

The Smart surname of this toilet is not causal. Here it is not just that we can choose different temperatures of the water or that the sensors identify who is sitting. It goes beyond. To begin with, the seat will take care of our health and if we spend more than 30 minutes on it, it will notify us. The same is that we have fallen asleep.

More useful seems to me the functionality of automatic recognition in case the user wears (and configured) the Mi Band 2 bracelet from Xiaomi itself. If so, thanks to its WiFi connectivity, the Smart Mi Small Smart Toilet Seat will make the adjustments that we have defined in our profile and will give us information on the status of the toilet. Knowing if there is someone already in the bathroom would be a great idea.

Xiaomi Vater
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