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Destiny 2 shows what is cooked in the Crucible in a new trailer: that’s how crazy the competitive multiplayer is

There will be many ways to approach ‘Destiny 2′, but if we want to limit our skills to the guardians, the Crucible will be the challenge we are looking for: intense action, constant rains of bullets and legions of users waiting to test the armor and The newly obtained toys … against us.

Bungie has shown a new trailer focused on the competitive experience of the Destiny 2 multiplayer mode , showing some new weapons and the powers of the three kinds of guardians we have at our disposal. Ahead, scenes of all sizes and colors and a frenetic pace to which the theme ‘Push The Tempo’ by Fatboy Slimfeels like a finger.

An excellent way to warm up the environment in the face of the imminent Destiny 2 beta that will take place on PC next August 28 , where we can put the skills of the Titans, Wizards and Hunters for the first time with the mouse and keyboard. A version in which Bungie will take all kinds of measures to ensure a fair and highly competitive experience.

The Crucible will be one of the key points of ‘Destiny 2’, although it will not be the only claim of the game: besides a main mode that will give a plot line to everything seen in the original ‘Destiny’, we will have an adventure ahead The cooperative factor will also be an essential part of the experience.


‘Destiny 2’ is postulated as one of the best shooters of this year, and it is clear that its PvP mode will be where you really see the faces with the other proposals of the genre. For now, Bungie guarantees the spectacular, which we can test next September 6 in Xbox One and PS4, and from October 24 on desks.

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