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The inequality of wages between men and women is still a fact. Unfortunately, it happens in all areas, and the audiovisual sector is not saved either. From time to time we get some news about the salary difference between the actors in a movie, but it seems that little by little we are becoming more aware of it. And so corroborates Emma Stone, who has confessed in a report for OUT that his male co-protagonists have come to cut the salary so they could have the same income.

Although he has not wanted to say names, it has happened more than once. But she is aware that she is not the usual, and she is very grateful: “Throughout my career I have needed my male co-star to make a cut so that there is parity between them, and it is something they have done for me because They really believed that it was the right thing to do, it’s something that is never discussed, how that equality goes beyond the figures, goes from what is fair or not.This is the feminism that Billie Jean King talks about, and I am very happy ” .

The winner of the Oscar for the film ‘The city of the stars: La La Land’ had never expressed itself on the matter, and with these statements it aspires to make both the public and the industry aware of how things should be. Although it is necessary to take into account other variables like the collection, the base should be for all the same: “We are all equal, why we do not have the same rights?”. In addition, she talks about the fact that the prices of Hollywood actors are based on her previous productions, so the fact that her colleagues share the salary with their partners helps women to raise their cache within the industry. Of course, what you have to aspire to is not that the actors have to cut their salary but that the actresses charge directly the same as them.

What’s New in Stone

Emma Stone now more than ever is involved in many debates about sexism, since she has just finished filming ‘Battle of the Sexes’. In it gives life to the already mentioned Jean King, a tennis player who managed to win in a game to Bobby Riggs. At age 55, this old and successful player began to belittle women’s tennis, boasting that even at his age he would be able to beat any young player. And thanks to King’s bravery, women’s sports began to be more respected and praised by the public. Stone works on this film with Steve Carell, and its release is planned for later this year. Will the actress convey to us the original essence of the story? We look forward to seeing you.

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