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Andy Serkis has played a multitude of famous characters in the film world, yet his face is not overly well-known. The actor’s career has been marked by the technique of capturing the movement , a technology that allows giving a dimension and humanity to characters that otherwise would not have been possible. His most recent film is ‘ The War of the Planet of the Apes ‘, in which the ape Caesar lives for the third time. And through a video tutorial offered by The New York Times actor explains how to interpret an ape in a credible way.

In the video Serkis teaches some voice tricks and postures to create an authentic character. He also states that “the mystery of motion capture is that it is no mystery, it is the same as acting . ” There are already three installments of the franchise ‘ Planet of the Apes ‘ in which Serkis plays Caesar, which has become the main vertebrate of history thanks to its excellent interpretation.

Serkis has extensive experience in this field, it has been the architect of such amazing creations like King Kong ( ‘ King Kong ‘), Gollum ( ‘ The Lord of the Rings ) or the supreme leader Snoke (‘ Star Wars: The Awakening of Force ‘). And that is why he has not hesitated to highlight the importance of acting through the capture of movement, often underestimated.

'War of the planet of the apes': Andy Serkis shows the difficult job of giving life to Caesar

Little recognition

After playing Cesar for the first time in 2011, 20th Century Fox launched a campaign for Serkis to be nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor for ‘ Andy Serkis ‘. However, the campaign was unsuccessful, as it failed to convince the Academy of interpretation by means of motion capture was not unlike any other type of performance.

Against this, Serkis has stated that “the organizations that award the prizes should not discriminate by saying that this is different . ” In addition, she has argued that “that performance is used to edit the film … Visual effects reproduce the character, as well as makeup, except here happens after the fact . What do you think? Is it time for him to value himself as he deserves the work of Serkis as Caesar, or other actors who dazzle for many green points in his face?

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