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‘ Leatherface ‘ has introduced its first trailer. It will be the eighth film in the famous series of murders with a chain saw and will be a prequel to ‘ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ‘ of 1974.

The film will take place before the events of the first of the series and will take care of the adolescence of Leatherface. Jackson Sawyer is sent to a psychiatric facility but escapes with three other teenagers. The story will tell the evolution from his internment to become the killer of the mechanical saw.

On September 21, it will premiere in the United States and premiere in theaters on October 20 . It will be starred by Stephen Dorff , Vanessa Grasse, Sam Strike , and Lili Taylor and directed by the French Alexandre Bustillo and Julian Maury.

'Leatherface': First and bloody trailer for the prequel to 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

A complicated continuity

Fitting the film in the horror saga is almost as complicated as ordering the X-Men. As we have already said, it will be a prequel to Tobe Hooper’s original but later to ‘ The Texas Slaughter: Origin ‘. It will have nothing to do with the remake of 2003 and will have its continuity in ‘ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ‘.

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