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If you have the hype in the clouds with ‘Avengers: Infinity War ‘, hold on because we have news of the still not titled ‘Avengers 4 ‘ . The film Marvel Film Universe will land on the big screen in 2019, but according to its directors Anthony Russo  and Joe Russo has already begun production .

“Starting the End” .

Only four weeks after the end of the shooting of ‘Infinity War’, and with this photo of a glove with four raised fingers announced the start of production . Of course, it is not officially known who this glove may belong to, but fans in the comments believe that it may be either Captain America or the time-traveling supervillain, Kang the Conqueror .Others are betting on the incorporation of the Fantastic Four, but who knows, in less than two years we will have a response.

This fourth installment of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Company will be the last film of the third phase of Marvel and is scheduled to arrive in the United States on May 3, 2019. Meanwhile, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Its premiere for May 4, 2018 .

But have the script finished?

It is noteworthy that just a month ago Josh Brolin (Thanos in fiction) doubted that the script of the then called ‘Infinity War 2’ was finished , although it is clear that both films have to work together so that there is harmony between both films . Even so, the filming has begun, which means that, except for some possible rewrites, the script is already finished and protected in some Disney office .Mostly protected by Tom Holland , who has a very long tongue .

The Black Order, the villains of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

1 Corvus Glaive

True right hand of Thanos, one of the few beings of this galaxy in which it trusts fully. If the crazy titan, who got to kill half the entire universe in comics, trust you, you know what kind of monster you are. In addition to super strength, agility and heightened reflexes, Corvus has a particularity: if he is in possession of his spear / scythe, he is virtually immortal . Only by snatching his formidable weapon will be the heroes capable of killing him. If it is not, Corvus will regenerate itself and will again be a threat in a short time.

One of the attributes of Corvus is to advance Thanos, leading a delegation to each planet they seek to conquer, demanding a sacrifice not to be completely annihilated. This sacrifice usually consists of the heads of all the small children of the planet, which is a negotiation that does not usually end very well.

2 Next Midnight

If Corvus is the general spokesman for Thanos, Proxima, his wife, is the person Thanos sends to fight for him, such is his strength, ability and thirst for blood. Normally it deals with the most dangerous exploits of each invasion, to give us an idea, just know that in the comics subjugated the nations state of Atlantis and Wakanda, finishing with its two champions, Amor and Black Panther. By the way, rumors indicate that the first appearance of these villains in the MCU will occur in the movie ‘ Black Panther ‘ that opens in February. That being so, we would not be surprised that Proxima was the one chosen to lead the irruption of these beings in Marvel films . In addition to strength and agility, like her husband, the villain has a very special relationship with his weapon, A spear capable of increasing its weight and strength to the limits of the gravitational mass of a star. This spear is also capable of generating toxic light rays capable of killing any creature, regardless of its power.

3 Ebony Maw

This is the most enigmatic member of the order. More than a subordinate of Thanos, it seems to be a temporary ally, to whom the alliance with him seems to agree at the moment. His powers are the most subtle, but not least effective, he is a powerful telepath and sorcerer, this has led him to face Doctor Strange on equal opportunities. In addition it is a well-known manipulator and conspirator, abilities that make him to be always the most probable survivor of all the conflicts . In fact, in comics he is the only remaining active member, being currently the adviser / manipulator of Thane, the Inhuman son of Thanos. His adventures with the progeny of Thanos are becoming one of the most pressing threats of comics.

4 Cull Obsidian

Everything seems to indicate that the being that in the comics is called Black Dwarf has undergone a change of name in the film, happening to be called Cull Obsidian. This is the “Tank” of the team, a monster hypertrophied to the level of Hulk, able to prevail in a fight with any of the heavyweights of the universe . In fact, in order to defeat him, the combined efforts of several superhuman beings were necessary, with the final aid of Ronan’s hammer the Accuser previously charged with cosmic power. He is not the most intelligent ally of Thanos, but his strength is only comparable to his cruelty, there is no way to stop him.

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