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Pennywise’s arrival on film screens around the world has given the box office the shock we had hoped for. ‘ It ‘ has been a resounding success , so resounding that it has doubled its revenue forecasts by $ 123 million in its opening weekend. If a movie with a similar success is normally almost automatically guaranteed a continuation; ‘It’, which has been conceived from the beginning as the first half of a single story, should have no problem at the time of having a sequel so its director, Andy Muschietti , has already put to work with the script and the pre-production in an almost unofficial way.

And Muschietti can not wait for the executives of the studio to decide to approve the project because the children, fundamental part also in the sequel, can not stop the draw: “It is very important for Andy to make the flashbacks with the children, who grow very fast, ” says producer Barbara Muschietti, ” They are a very important component in the film. “

Chapter One (as written in the final credits), has focused on the first confrontation against the clown, placing the plot between 1988 and 1989. The sequel will take place 27 years later, that is, at present, and will meet again to the Losers Club as adults, but will resort to their youthful versions in the form of souvenirs. “In the second film, that dialogue between time lines will be more present,” the director told Entertainment Weekly , “We are telling the story of adults but we will have flashbacks that will take us back to the 80s and contribute to the narration of the I presented.”

We already have clear that the distribution of children will be well integrated in the plot instead of having only an anecdotal presence, pro now we have a big question to solve, will we see Jessica Chastain taking over from Sophia Lillis ? Although we have created our own cast ideal to give life to the adult versions of Bill, Beverly, Ben or Richie; the truth is that there are still no actors in negotiations for the sequel but the director and producers, Seth Grahame-Smith , David Katzenberg, Roy Lee and Dan Lin , have been thinking about it since the filming of the first part last summer . Fortunately for the fans,the one that has confirmed his return is Bill Skarsgård that will repeat, obviously, his sinister Pennywise.

As everyone who has read the novel will know, one of the children will not comply with the oath of blood to return to the city if the clown awakens again . The character of Stan Uris, played by Wyatt Oleff , has not been able to overcome his adventure in the tunnels of Derry and when he decides the call of his companions, decides to commit suicide before reviving the nightmare.

Some Important Changes

One of the main changes that Muschietti seems to want to make regarding Stephen King’s work is the future of the character of Mike Hanlon ( Chosen Jacobs ), the only one of the losers who instead of escaping Derry voluntarily remains to guard and guard the peace of the people despite continuing to suffer racist abuse. His character is, as a child, one of the strongest and most loyal, but Andy Muschietti will put a price on that devotion: “My idea of ​​Mike in the second film is somewhat darker than in the book, I want his character to become the central pivot that brings them all back together, but staying in Derry was a sacrifice.I want it to be a real drug addict.The filmmaker does not see him as a simple collector of knowledge about the clown and wants him to have “the responsibility of trying to figure out how to kill him. The only way he can do this is to take drugs and alter his mind . “

This drug plot will reflect a fraction of the book that did not pass the cut of the 1990 miniseries , when the children perform part of a Native American ritual to have visions of a supernatural plane and to contact with entities that help to stop the creature . “Inhaling those fumes have visions of what is that and its origin and the fire that fell from the sky and crashed in Derry millions of years ago.We recovered that in Mike, who after 30 years has discovered how to perform the Ritual of Chud ” . Mike’s addictions will become yet another demon with which to fight, but he will not have to face himself alone when his friends reunite.

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