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Tonight did you feel a disturbance in strength? Has an inexplicable emotion crept into your dreams? Have you awakened in toning the well-known galactic soundtrack? Not for less! Because today we can finally enjoy the new images of ‘The Last Jedi’ , the next of one of the most successful Disney franchises whose premiere…. It’s falling!

Watch out SPOILERS!

* The trailer gives many details of Episode VIII, much eye if you do not want to know too much.

December 15 arrives in the rooms ‘ The Last Jedi ‘ so the countdown was running dangerously without days and … No news from the trailer. Until today. Lucasfilm has wanted to repeat strategy and take advantage of the rest of the game of the Football League held in the early hours of 9-10 October Spanish time , to launch this appetizer that gets us involved in such an expectation that we are already seeing the tickets fly.

And is that in the company of the mouse, recent house of this beloved saga, do not have a hair of fools and have taken advantage of the pull of the trailer to launch the pre-sale tickets . Exactly the same hook that they used a couple of years ago with ‘ Star Wars: The Awakening of Strength ‘, whose trailer was released with an overwhelming success also during the retransmission of a sporting event. The result? Impressive advance sales figures that ended up reaching 50 million dollars.

So, once you see the trailer, just when the rush has been willing to engage you in a laser sword fight with whoever you need, you can run to buy tickets to be the first to vibrate with the next chapter of this adventure that from what we have been able to see looks … Too good! In fact, we get a clear idea of ​​what is to come because, as Rian Johnson has warned , director and screenwriter of the film, the new images are spectacular but … They come loaded with answers!

To begin with we know how Luke reacts when Rey offers him his lightsaber: with much fear . “I had only seen this pure force once, and it did not frighten me enough. And what does our heroine do? Then go and ask for help from Kylo Ren. Yes, this aspiring Jedi has no other left when the only one who can guide her back to discover that their abilities are very similar to those of that pupil who went to the Dark Side and has embraced him to the point of killing his own father.

But the thing is not here, that in case all this information has left us glued to the chair, will do the excitement of seeing the face of grief that Carrie Fisher looks on the skin of the princess Leia when his son launches to finish what began the day that ended the life of Han Solo. Too many clues and so many promises launches this trailer that comes marked a much darker tone to that of Episode VII .

What can we expect from ‘The Last Jedi’?

We would be facing the longest movie in the series, 150 minutes that would take the honor to ‘ The Attack of the Clones ‘ tape that until now enjoyed the longest duration with its 142. Is it a lot? Given everything Johnson seems to be telling us, he could stay up short. And not only are there many issues to be resolved from Episode VII , but Johnson has thrown himself into the pool . That is what seems to suggest the impressions shared by Domhnall Gleeson , actor who plays General Hux, who has not hesitated to ensure that this film is very different from all of the above and that will stop us from stone .

“When I read the script it was like” Wow, there are a lot of things that are like … not that they are terrible, but they are not as I expected them “, and I think that is something very, very good. , it ‘s very important in these films not to be repeated, ” says a Gleeson who discovered that Johnson was more than sure of what was in the hands ” not presumptuously.I knew the movie I wanted to do and that’s something really great . ” In addition, this outstanding member of the First Order states that when he read the script, he did not quite imagine what the film would be like, so he will be one of the first to go to the movies to have a great time: “I want to sit in a room full of people ,. Between this piece of trailer and Gleeson’s statements … We can not wait any longer!

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