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The new ‘ Justice League ‘ trailer is here, and its special effects have left us in place. The last teaser already offered some improvements, but now we have been able to see them in all their splendor. The film premieres on November and, since the start of Wonder Woman in June, the return of Gal Gadot to the big screen is being one of the most anticipated of the year.

But the new DC release not only brings us Diana Prince in all its splendor, but we will also see Batman and Superman again, and we will know a lot more about others, who do not yet have their own movie: Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash . DC’s heroes are increasing in number thanks to the latest installments, and ‘Justice League’ aspires to be the equivalent of ‘The Avengers’ of the Marvel film universe.

In the trailer we can see a little more how the powers of these new protagonists are. And also, finally, to Superman alive again, although the scene is not a spoiler of the film. It does not show the hero in action, as was the fear of many of the fans, spoiling the surprise of how he gets back to life . The images teach, on the other hand, a dream of Lois Lane, and they emphasize that Clark Kent, at least in the beginning of the film, is dead.

The loss changed the protagonists

‘Justice League’ retakes the story of ‘ Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice ‘ after one of DC’s most criticized endings: Superman’s death. The sacrifice of the mythical hero will serve, above all, to change the perception of the other characters. Batman will recover to some extent the faith he believed he had lost forever , and Wonder Woman, Gadot explains : “It has matured. A century has passed, after all!”

We can intuit that Superman will return to ‘Justice League’, but he will not be responsible for bringing the heroes to the mission. In fact, one reason why Zack Snyder , director of the film 2016, rolled the end, it was so that I had to do Batman: ” One of the great things I wanted to make was that when empezase ‘League of Justice ‘, Bruce Wayne was the one that would gather the League of Justice. I thought it was very important that Bruce Wayne was the samurai who is going to get the other samurai, because Superman is Superman, and it’s kind of hard for Bruce to go and say, “Yes, I want to bring the Justice League together.” It’s like “okay, but it should just be Superman who did that. You’re just an uncle. A cool guy, do not get me wrong, but just an uncle . “

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