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After the purchase of Fox by Disney became official, there have been many fans of the mutant saga that see the X-Men universe in danger . The style of the new head studio could conflict with the more adult style that films featuring Wolverine, Mystic or Magneto (see ‘ Logan ‘ or ‘ Deadpool ‘) usually have .

We will have to wait to find out if Disney finally keeps his word and creates a division for the creation of films with R rating, but meanwhile actress Sophie Turner puts the long teeth with his latest statements in Empire about ‘ X-Men: Dark Phoenix ‘: “It’s a dark drama” … “We’re revolutionizing it, we wanted to create a whole new genre of superhero movies . “

In the sequel we can see how the character of Turner (Jean Gray) takes his powers to a new level, understanding that a sinister personality can be unleashed inside. The actress has felt very closely the evolution of her character: “Once I had the script, I realized that we not only told this incredible story of superheroes, but also told a very personal story” … “I made a research on mental health problems, because that’s a big part of what the story develops .

Piropos to the director

But these praises are not only for the film, Turner wanted to make clear the importance of the director, Simon Kinberg . “Simon has been the brain behind X-Men for years, and it’s very exciting to see one of ours take over the franchise and direct it as he believes it” … “I must say that he is one of the best directors with the I have worked, he is so passionate and collaborative, “ said Turner. The film will premiere on November 2, 2018.

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