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The discovery has taken place in an area of ​​the natural park of Auca Mahauevo, as confirmed by the provincial director of Cultural Heritage of Neuquén. In it have appeared dinosaur eggs in different nests, besides the rest of fauna that fed of these eggs .

Dinosaur Eggs With Embryos Inside Discovered in Argentina

It is believed that in its origin this site was a marshy area that ended up being covered by the waters and therefore drowned the embryos that were inside the eggs. It finally settled because it left the Auca Mahuida volcano about ten million years later . Something totally different than what happened with the head of Tyrannosaurus Rex found in Montana . 

The government of the area wants to take advantage of the discovery to declare the area as apaleontological park , and therefore it can be visited by tourists. The current situation issomewhat precarious , since it is the neighbors themselves who take care of the place, without any help.

While a group of researchers of National Geographic next to a center of Saragossa are working in the zone. If at first sight the finding is wonderful , the results that the research will yield will not be for less. 

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