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The Ebola , one of the deadliest viruses known, may have their days numbered . Thanks to the science and work of dozens of experts in the field, there is already the first 100% effective and safe vaccine against this virus. Its development has been completed over the last few months, culminating in a test with humans that has been a success.

Now the vaccine against Ebola faces its final phase before they can reach the market , and it must be properly certified, registered and licensed by the relevant regulatory bodies. Once it qualifies, it can be distributed on a large scale to save thousands of lives, especially in Africa.

This remedy has been developed with the strain of the virus Ebola Zaire, one of the most virulent. Weakened in its deadly capacity, it serves to activate the autoimmune response of the organisms that receive the vaccine, thus avoiding that the actual virus can affect it later. It is the usual way to create vaccines.

It is not the first vaccine against this disease that demonstrates its effectiveness, although it is one of the few that has been proven completely effective in humans, which opens the door to its future commercialization.

Vaccines remain the best way to fight the virus worldwide , managing to eradicate diseases that once were very serious or directly fatal. Its development is one of the reasons why life expectancy in the West has doubled in the last century and for which in developing countries it is constantly increasing.

Although many groups are involved in spreading possible side effects of vaccines, they are accusations with no solid scientific basis and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. For now, the only proven fact is that for many viruses, it is the only useful and effective remedy, starting with this new vaccine against Ebola .

[Source: Science Daily ]
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