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Sony is currently the king of image sensors, both in production and technology, so if any company can expect an artificial vision with the capabilities that we are going to present, is the multinational Japanese.

We are faced with very intelligent eyes created with a CMOS sensor , which is not intended to be part of any camera or mobile phone that we can buy in the future, rather it will be part of factories , with production lines full of robots .
The chip responds to the name of IMX382 , as some will know is a fairly familiar name in its products. What makes it really special is the ability to not miss the objects of the scene, thanks to the capture of 1,000 images per second.
Detect and track objects at 1,000 images per second, all on a single chip
                                  As the priority here is speed and not quality and image, Sony has chosen a rather low resolution ,1.27 megapixels . The grace of the matter is that this backlit sensor carries an integrated image processor, dedicated to the recognition of the elements.
I think the best thing in these cases is to see in an explanatory video what is really capable of making the Sony IMX382. Impressive in both recognition and tracking speed :

We could say that all the important information flow is in the same solution , something that makes it efficient for the companies that want to make use of it. Recognition can be performed every time a frame is registered, without having to send the information to an external element.
Okay, it is not a product that we will enjoy first hand, but you will not deny that it is interesting to know the level that can be achieved by integrating hardware elements in the same site . Sony is very interested in developing this type of solutions, in fact in some of the cameras that has presented recently has integrated memory at sensor level.
This sensor will go on sale next year, but the first samples will be available in October of this same year. Each of them is offered at a price of 800 euros , which seems a lot, but is a low amount for something that has not gone into mass production, and with so much innovation.
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