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Throughout the seasons, Game of Thrones has been punctuated by many unforgettable battles, at sea or on land. After the Battle of Blackwater, the Red Wedding, the Hardhome Massacre or the Battle of the Bastards, the second episode of the new season offered us a new epic scene where the Greyjoy family waged a merciless war. While Theon and Yara lead Ellaria Sand with the iron fleet to Dorne, to prepare an army to besiege Port-Real, they are suddenly attacked by the enormous armada of their regicide uncle, Euron Greyjoy.

The explosive scene did not disappoint us, with its lot of swords and gallons of hemoglobin, to which we accustomed Game of Thrones. HBO has unveiled a  featurette in which the cast and technical team tell the crisp details of this incredible scene, called “Silence Ship Battle”, referring to the name of the new villain’s boat, Euron Greyjoy. Between projections of flames and jets of water, the fight was played in several small sequences in a car park in Ireland, in a reproduction of an impressive naval decoration, surrounded by immense green bottoms.

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The result of this long work is up to our expectations, making the stage already cult. From his surprise arrival to his diabolical facial expressions, the Machiavellian character of Pilou Asbæk gives us chills when he captures Yara, leaving poor Theon paralyzed. He then had no choice but to run away, under the demonic grin of his uncle. With only five episodes remaining in this new season of Game of Thrones, we bet that other incredible battles will be played before our eyes, to our delight.

‘A series of catastrophic misadventures’: Nathan Fillion (‘Castle’) tab for the second season of the seriest

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